Our KNITKNOTS meet every Friday in a companionable environment - knitting, crocheting and enjoying a 'cuppa tea' together. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa and our purpose is fellowship, companionship and Christian outreach. We teach each other, support one another and churn out beautiful handmade items. These items are collected and fed into various charities under the direction of our church - "The New Harvest Christian Fellowship". Please contact us if you want to join or ask a question :)

Friday, July 8, 2016

Introducing our KNITKNOTS


What a privilege it is to write this first blogpost to introduce our little group.  Thank you for stopping by to read about our activities.

We are a small but ever-growing group of ladies who meet every Friday in a companionable environment - knitting, crocheting and enjoying a cuppa tea together. At the moment there are approximately 24 of us in total. So much has happened in the past year - it simply has to be recorded and shared via this blog.

Our purpose is FELLOWSHIP, COMPANIONSHIP and CHRISTIAN OUTREACH. The fruit of our activities is demonstrated by the amazing creativity and giving nature of our ladies. We teach each other, support one another and churn out beautiful handmade knitted/crocheted/sewed items.  These items are eventually collected and fed into various charities under the mentorship of "The New Harvest Christian Fellowship"  (NHCF).  Our main focus is on "doing good" in our circles - all in the name of our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.

"And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased."
(Hebrews 13:16)

Our wider congregation support us too by either contributing wool,monetary donations or they knit at their leisure and eventually hand in their items.  We are honoured to be recognised as a smaller mission of NHCF. But we are by no means exclusive! We encourage participation from outside our community and endeavour to network into other, larger networks of equally-inspiring women.

The KnitKnots have been active since June 2015. It happened in a simple, yet amazing way...and we cannot deny God's hand in the process. In personal prayer, I dedicated my Friday afternoons to crocheting/knitting and put out the invitation for anyone who wanted to to come and join me.

 "Please Lord, bless this group," I prayed. 

My faithful Lord listened to my small prayer and it wasn't long before we had at least 12 active members. 
Above: One of the first meetings in my home

 Soon, our congregation became involved and I was being handed packets of knitted/crocheted items every Sunday after service. The encouragement we received and joy demonstrated was tangible.
Above: Blanket made by Denise Wiid-baisley

Above: Items handed in by our congregants

As we grew in numbers, we were offered a beautiful venue - the clubhouse at THE OLIVE retirement village - a secure, happy environment close to our church, and we moved our activities there. We have structured ourselves in a way that invites participation - whether it be by simply knitting squares , or sewing up blankets; looking after the wool stocks; keeping track over our finances; investigating charities; sharing patterns; involvement in hand-overs, or overseeing the all-important 'TEA' at a Friday get-together.  There is a place for everyone!

Over the past year, the KnitKnots have contributed in one way or another to the following charities:

*Divine Mercy home for single, pregnant mothers
*West Rand Christian Centre
*Jan Hofmeyer feeding scheme
*Hands of compassion
*Various orphanages
*67 Blankets for Mandela
*Cancer Dive
*Baragwanath Hospital Childrens' Clinic.

Obviously, in a knitting/crocheting group, there is always a need for WOOL, WOOL and more WOOL! In pursuit of this, we embarked on a wonderful fundraising raffle in May 2016  - a blanket made by our own Knit-knots.  This particular drive yielded an astounding R4700  for which we are very, very grateful!  This money will go towards buying much needed wool. Many thanks to everyone who participated in our raffle. 
Above: The "Rule Britannia raffle blanket"

What follows are a few photos of some of the things we have been up to during the year:
Above: One of our first group blankets which went towards the Cancer drive

 Above: 80 beanies were made and handed over to the West Rand Christian Centre

 Above: "Mood" blankets made entirely out of odd balls of wool

 16 Baby packs were handed over to Divine Mercy home for single, pregnant mothers

 Above: One of the Baby Packs comprising: 1x blanket, 1x jersey, 1x beanie, 1x bootees

 Above: First charity blanket knitted by Sandy Mol - Jan Hofmeyer feeding scheme

 Above: 16 Baby packs ready for distribution

 Beautiful quilt made by Mary Smith and Caryl Moll for our quilting ministry

 Above: Blanket handed in by a congregant and made larger by Mary Smith

 Above: Claire and Madeleine with the beautiful blanket made from donated squares.

 Above: Joy and her first-ever blanket. Well done, Joy!

 Above: Absolutely stunning blanket made by Valarie

 Above: My own blanket made out of odd balls of wool.

 Above: Gudrun and her beautiful blanket made out of scraps.

Above: Susan and the blanket donated to Jan Hofmeyer drive

Above: Beautiful scarf made by Glynnis

Above: Blanket put together from donated squares for a little one.

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking every one who has been involved in our efforts.  We really appreciate your encouragement and support.


Should you feel moved to contribute in any way, please contact me personally 
(carylmoll (at) yahoo (dot) com.  
Or alternatively contact the church office by clicking on the link here:

May God bless you in your work
Yours, in Christ

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