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Monday, July 25, 2016

KnitKnots update

Greetings from our KnitKnots!

On Wednesday last week, some of our KnitKnots took a trip to the south of our city to visit a very special place in Sweetwaters, Grasmere.... 

(meaning 'fountains of life')

Emthonjeni village is a non-profit organisation that houses approximately 23 orphans/vulnerable children.  It forms part of the 'Emthonjeni - fountains of life' project  (Vineyard Community church) and is the brainchild and initiative of Rev Trevor Ntlhola - the current Chairperson of the Board of Emthonjeni.  The village we visited has been operational since around 2005.

This particular little village is overseen by four passionate and dedicated, live-in 'house-mothers' as well as the very hospitable manager Pastor David Mothobi. The village is built in the midst of the local community and the resident children attend school within walking distance from their home.  

I must say that we were humbled by the enthusiasm and dedication of the whole team at Emthomjeni - despite the sometimes very difficult circumstances under which they perform their calling.  Thank you so much to Pastor David and the house-mothers for showing us around and allowing us to meet some of your children. 

Our car boot was packed with blankets - awaiting delivery...
 (Above: Thanks to the amazing generosity of our network of knitting and crocheting ladies (you know who you are ), we were able to deliver 27 blankets to the village.  Thank you so, so much! - they were absolute works of art!)
 (Above: Emthonjeni's four dedicated house mothers)
 Children receiving their blankets...

 The little Emthonjeni village is currently made up of four occupied houses, and a further two which are used as a storeroom and library respectively.  

Each house has a small vegetable garden where the children are encouraged to help grow food.  It was lovely to see how neatly the houses are kept inside  and the display of house rules which the guide the childrens' discipline.

EMTHONJENI is always in need of numerous provisions. They really do need any help you can offer! 
From their brochure:

"We serve the community of Thulamntwana, Weilers farm, Finetown and Kanana which are located in the Orange Farm region of Johannesburg. Together these 4 communities have a total of approximately 170 000 residents. The areas in which we operate are among the poorest of Johannesburg. These communities are mostly made up of rural people and refugees who came to Johannesburg looking for work, many of them facing the harsh realities of the city.

The population is very young with 40% under 18.Income levels are very low: 50% of the population has no income and about 62% of the remainder earns less than R1500 a month, indicating that the majority live below the breadline. The unemployment rate is estimated at 70%, far higher than the national average rate.

The HIV infection rate is nearly 20% with approximately 5.7 million people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa. It is estimated that 300 000 people die every year from Aids. This harsh reality has left many children orphaned and vulnerable."

They are a growing village and we were told that they have a vision to build a total of 30 houses by 2025. The need is great - both on a financial and practical level.  

We were taken through their little 'sewing factory' during our visit:

We were glad that we could help in our very small way - simply by handing out blankets and offering a few provisions, but I am sure that there are folk 'out there' who will be touched by their efforts.  

If you, dear reader,  wish to help EMTHONJENI in any way, please email:

I know that your gesture will be hugely appreciated. Please?


I would also like to say a big thank you to folk which continuously hand me packets of knitted and crocheted squares on a Sunday morning or during the week.  All these squares eventually work their way into our blankets and go towards charity handovers.  Sometimes were are especially blessed with blankets put together by our participants.  Take a look at these beautiful creations made by 
Cheryl Triegaardt.
(Thank you so much, Cheryl!)

Our KnitKnots meet every Friday afternoon in a companionable, supportive environment. We encourage one another in our daily walks with God and we try, in our small way, to do good for those less fortunate than ourselves. Should you wish to join us, or help us in any way, please feel free to leave a comment below this blog or contact the office of 

Until next time,
Sending lots of love, in Christ

Caryl and the KnitKnots

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